5 Best Air Cooler WIth Ice Chamber in India 2021: Price, Review


Best Air Cooler WIth Ice Chamber in India 2021: Summer season is coming and new technology has come in the market with all the best coolers with ice chamber. Due to the constant rise in temperature, people are searching for the best AC and Air Cooler to keep their homes and rooms cool. At the same time, due to the increasing cost of electricity, they are hesitant to buy AC. On the other hand, the common air coolers available in the market are also not so beneficial that they can cool the house and rooms in the summer of May-June. New technology in the market Air Cooler WIth Ice Chamber in India 2021 which will keep your room and home colder in less power consumption. Air Cooler Ice Chamber can compete with AC in case of cold.

What is Air Cooler Ice Chamber?

The ice chamber is placed at the top of the air cooler. When there is too much heat, ice can be put in this ice chamber. Then the water in the cooler will go into this ice chamber and through the pad will come back into the cooler tank. This will make the cooler pads too cold. As a result, you will get cold air like AC.

Air Cooler with Air Cooler Ice Chamber is a new age cooler. Which give lower price and more cooling in power consumption.

5 Best Air Cooler WIth Ice Chamber in India 2021

Crompton Ginie Neo- Personal Air Cooler 10 L- Portable,  Honeycomb Pad & Ice Chamber

Crompton Ginie Neo Air Cooler with Ice chamber. The Crompton Ginie Neo Air cooler comes with 10 Liters, a Power full pump, 2-way cooling pads, and High Power (Heavy Fan Motor) motor.It has an ice chamber at the top which makes more room cool. It is a better choice for 150 sq ft rooms, as well as Inverter Compatible. Crompton Ginie Neo is one of the best air cooler with ice chamber.

Technical specification

Brand Generic
Colour White
Item Dimensions 29 x 27 x 52 Centimeters
Wattage 90 Watts
Area 150 Square Feet
Weight 3 Kilograms


Vistara Nexa Tower Air Cooler 13 Liters Tower Air Cooler with Ice Chamber (White)

The Vistara Nexa Tower Air Cooler Ice Chamber is a better choice for 13 liters small size rooms. Air cooler with ice chamber comes with powerful pump and Motor. The Vistara Nexa Tower air cooler comes with low power consumption and gaseous refrigerant. With this Air Cooler Ice Chamber, you get cold air, without harming your health. The Vistara draws the trapped air into the room through the open doors and windows of the Nexa Tower and the cool air continuously flows. You get this Vistara Nexa tower Best Air Cooler with ice chamber at an affordable price.

Technical specification

Brand Vistara
Colour White
Item Dimensions 41 x 39 x 93 Centimeters
Wattage 160 Watts
Weight 7 Kilograms
Form Factor Tower
Material Plastic



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