Field of Dreams Ending Explained: The Faith That Baseball Comes Out


Love and a little faith can make many things come true. That’s what Field Of Dreams is capitalizing on with America’s dream game of baseball. A movie full of heart, especially if you are a big baseball fan. But despite its focus on baseball, the story can resonate with anyone who believes in something and has seen it come true in one form or another. Well that’s a lot to digest, we guess for the movie that goes from visions to things coming true. So here’s our take on getting Field Of Dreams and the ending well explained.

Phil Alden Robinson directed Field Of Dreams and adapted WP Kinsella’s 1982 novel Shoeless Joe. The film stars Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and Burt Lancaster in the lead roles. The film was later nominated for three Academy Awards. Field Of Dreams follows the story of a man who feels guilty for not reconciling with his father, who was an adamant baseball fan and forced his dream on his child. This led to downfall, but a second chance flourished in the form of legendary players accompanying the man himself.

Field overview

Field Of Dreams tells the story of 36-year-old Ray Kinsella who lives with his wife Annie and daughter Karin. Living on an Iowa Corn Farm. The family is already worried about the financial problems and they may soon sell the farm. Meanwhile, Ray Kinsella also struggles with his troubled relationship with his father John Kinsella. Ray’s father was a devoted baseball fan, and if not him. He wanted his son to do that for him. This had led to clashes in the past, and today Ray fears he won’t be able to realize his dream as he gets older.

From Field Of Dreams With Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella and Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe Jackson

Everything changes when Ray walks into the cornfield and it whispers something to him. He hears that if he builds it, he will come. Soon a baseball field and a diamond cup appear along with a vision of Shoeless Joe Jackson. One of John’s, like in Ray’s dad’s favorite baseball players. Believing it could help him achieve his father’s dream, Ray is encouraged to follow it. He informs Annie of the plans, and despite the financial difficulties they have, Annie believes too. So she has Ray plow the field and build a baseball field around it.

While the whole family believes in Ray and they too begin to share similar dreams, that’s not the case with Mark, Annie’s brother. He believes those visions make no sense because he can’t see Shoeless Joe. He informs Ray of their financial terms and offers to buy the land. But whatever Mark says, Ray hopes to follow the same dream and join those who see the essence.

End of Dream Field Explained Explain

Follow and share the visions

Ray’s belief in Shoeless Joe’s visions is similarly shared by Annie. Although she does not see it in the first place, but believe that her husband leads her to it. This comes full circle during a PTA meeting. Annie argues over the banning of books by a man named Terrence Mann. A voice directs Ray to follow this man. Mann wrote in one of his books about a character named John Kinsella with a dream of playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Another dream and faith.

Share and believe The visions explained

From Field Of Dreams with Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella and James Earl Jones as Terence Mann

That same night, because they believe in the baseball field, Ray and Annie have the same dream of meeting Mann at a game. So after that, Ray heads out to meet Mann in Boston at a game. During the game, Terrence Mann is initially hesitant to come and says he might come and play sometime. That is until another voice tells Ray to go into the distance, and he spots the scoreboard for a player named “Moonlight” Graham who once had the chance to play with New York Giants in 1922. But he was never allowed to bat. The thing was Ray, and Terrence Mann agreed that they saw the same vision.

These visions led Ray and Mann to Minnesota to look for Graham. But unfortunately he had passed away after a career as a doctor. Ray’s next vision is in 1972, where he meets Graham who tells of living a happy life after becoming a doctor, even though he never got the chance to play baseball. The same dream comes to an end again when a hitchhiker named Archie Graham asks for a ride from Ray. Furthermore, he is looking for a baseball field to play in, which summarizes Graham in disguise towards the end of Field Of Dreams.

Ray’s past with his father

After recruiting Archie Graham and back home. Ray talks to Mann about his troubled relationship with his father. He agrees that his father was a big baseball fan and wanted to choose the career. But when he couldn’t, he forced it on him. Something that didn’t sit well with young Ray. At age 14, Ray read Terrence Mann’s book on the story of the Black Box scandal.

Ray and his past with his father explained

From Field Of Dreams with Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella and James Earl Jones as Terence Mann

The Black Box scandal was a major baseball scandal in 1919, in which the Chicago White Sox team was accused of toppling the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. All for money. These led to the ban of eight players, including Shoeless Joe Jackson. After getting frustrated with his father and reading the book, Ray stopped playing with his father and called his favorite player a criminal. Now his only regret is that he never reconciled with him. Then we see them approach the field with many classic players making boll their appearance.


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