9+ Effective Use of Peepal Tree | Benefits for Health


By the way, the Peepal tree is considered as the goddess in India, and the people of India also worship it. The peepal tree gives 24 hours of oxygen.

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When Amavasya (the fifteenth day of the Hindu calendar month) falls on a Monday in the Hindu calendar year. On this day, the circumambulation of the sacred Peepal tree is done 108 times and women worship it by keeping a vow.

The leaves of the peepal tree are very beneficial for our health. Its leaves are consumed by different methods in the treatment of different diseases.

Jaundice, night blindness, malaria, cough and asthma and peepal twig, wood, leaves, and Seiko are used in diseases in cold and headache.

Benefits of Peepal Tree (leaves)

To remove respiratory problems: Leaves or twigs of Peepal tree, all its parts play their different role in curing diseases.

Dry the inner part of the peel of the peepal tree, make powder and consume it. So that all kinds of problems associated with your breath go away.

Benefits in Asthma: Peepal leaves are also used in the treatment of asthma. After boiling its leaves in milk, consuming the prepared solution provides relief in asthma.

In the treatment of teeth: Usually, we give teeth with small twigs of neem. But even toothbrush with Peepal strengthens our teeth.

In addition, finely grind 10 grams of the bark of peepal, catechu, and 2 grams of black pepper. And with regular use of this paste, all kinds of teeth related problems are removed.

Dermatological diseases: Many problems related to our skin start to arise, such as shingles, scabies, wrinkles, etc. Eating soft leaves of peepal or making a kara is a problem to get rid of skin problems.

Also, soak the roots of peepal after soaking them. After some time grind it into a paste and use it on the face.

Removing a wound: If someone gets hurt and wants immediate treatment? So by applying a paste of leaves of Peepal, applying it to the wound area gives relief in pain, and the wounds also heal quickly.

Colds and coughs: If you start having problems due to change of weather or usually early colds, coughs, and colds, you get very upset.

Boil 5 peepal leaves in milk, add sugar or sugar in this solution and consume it twice a day. You will get relief.

In reducing stress: If you have more stress and irritability, then you should chew the leaves of Peepal because the people are full of antioxidants, this will reduce your stress and reduce the effect of increasing age.

The problem of hemorrhage – People who have problems with bleeding from the nose, it is removed by putting juice of peepal leaves in the nose.

If you mash and smell these leaves, then you get to benefit in hemorrhage. \

In the problem of acidity: We often have to face stomach gas, constipation, diarrhea, etc. problems by eating straight upside-down food.

Grind the fresh leaves thoroughly and extract the juice. And consume this juice in the morning and evening.

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