Surya K Star Best Multi-Function Induction Cooktop | In India 2021

Surya K Star: Surya k star induction cooktop is a great option. In which you can adjust the temperature according to different Indian dishes.

Surya is one of the famous companies in India. This company gets to see the products of this company in the kitchens of more than 30% of households in India.

Surya Company is one of the induction cooktops in kitchen appliances. See, what is special about Surya k star induction chullah?

Surya K Star Induction – Black 2000wsurya k star induction

By the way, many good induction cooktops of Surya are available in the market, today only one of them will talk about Surya k star.

In this induction chullah you can set its temperature to cook your favorite dish. It has touch buttons to adjust the temperature. And a digital display is also provided in which you can check the current temperature.

Surya k star has a 2000 watt heating capacity so that your food can be prepared in a short time.

It has inbuilt preset menus, with the help of which you can do tasks like boiling milk, heating water, making bread, making coffee etc. with the help of a touch button. Which saves your time.

This induction cooktop has a high-quality crystal plate. Which can withstand maximum heat. If anything falls on it while cooking, this cooktop can be cleaned easily.

In the Surya induction cooktop, the fan was given at the bottom to remove the heat inside.

In the Surya induction cooktop, you can also cook food by putting a timer.

Technical details

  • Adjustable temperature function with push-button control
  • high-quality crystal plate with 4 digits digital display
  • Features: Sensors, Timer function
  • Colour: Black
  • Easy to clean, a single wet cloth wipe
  • Box content – 1 Main unit, 1 cord, 1 instruction manual & warranty card
  • 2000 Watt
  • Preset Inbuilt Menus
  • Elegant design with high heat resistant toughened Crystal plate with maximum heat endurance.


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